Some Reviews

“Steve Mosby has become one of a handful of writers who make me excited about crime fiction.”
(Val McDermid)

“Mosby has become renowned for thrillers that reach into dark places where most British crime writers are afraid to go, while the low-key lyricism of his style makes his books moving as well as terrifying.”
(Jake Kerridge, Express)

“Those who know their crime fiction have long been aware that Steve Mosby is one of the most idiosyncratic and ambitious of current UK practitioners, and this new book is well up to his customarily impressive standard.”
(Barry Forshaw, Crime Time)

“…he writes like the very best American thriller writers – with great focus, excellent plot ideas and a real feeling for exposing violence and cruelty … descriptive passages that enthral and enlighten … Cancel all other engagements for the day.”
(Matthew Lewin, Guardian)

“Mosby – a 30-year-old from Leeds, on his third novel – writes with confidence and originality, and displays an impressive feel for horror.”
(Marcel Berlins, The Times)

“This is the book that should see him acclaimed as a potential great of the crime genre as it’s an instant classic. Mosby’s background is in horror and that’s often clear here – there are some distressing scenes. But he’s also an excellent writer who steers well clear of genre formulae and manages some really deft characterisation – this is no standard potboiler. And there’s a switchback twist at the climax that is brilliantly conceived and consummately executed. Pretty much flawless.”
(Paul Connolly, London Lite)

“Painfully realistic … imaginative and involving … poignant and moving.”
(Natasha Cooper, Times Literary Supplement)

“This is an absolutely spellbinding thriller. … A tour de force, Mosby is my pick as breakout author of 2007 and is now on my list of my annual must-reads.”
(Sandra Ruttan, Spinetingler)

“Mosby is an extremely talented writer. … [he] writes with an unrelenting pace and with such heart that I tore through this book. I can’t wait to see what he does next.”
(Jon Jordan, Crimespree)

“His book is fiercely original, truly intriguing. This is speculative fiction at its reckless best.”
(Philip Oakes, Literary Review)

“A fabulous read”

“This is a terrific addition to the canon of crime fiction and hails Mosby as a writer of terrific, if terrifying, ability.”
(Ben Hunt, Material Witness)

“This is crime fiction at the cutting edge and extremities of the genre; grim, brooding but not without black humour and insight – it is very different. If you enjoyed Paul Johnston … or the world of Michael Marshall’s The Straw Men, then Mosby’s book is right up your alleyway but beware of some real viciousness – you have been warned.”
(Ali Karim, Shotsmag)

“The most extraordinary first novel I’ve read for a while … I won’t waste time trying to give you an outline of this indescribable mixture of near-future satire, detective story and psychological horror. I’ll just say that writing of this quality and originality doesn’t come along very often – if you don’t read Mosby this year, you’ll be reading about him next year, so why not get a head start?”
(Mat Coward, Morning Star)

“There is always a fresh, original slant to Mosby’s writing. Excellent at capturing contemporary lifestyles and concerns, this is engaging story-telling delivered with panache and assurance.”
(Cath Staincliffe, Tangled Web)

“Thriller new boy Mosby is shaping up to be a king of the craft.”
(Daily Sport)

“Mosby’s electrifyingly scary thriller will have you checking the tent flaps at night – if you haven’t already fled to a hotel.”
(Daily Mail)

“This is the kind of book that forces you to be harsh – somebody wants to sit this guy down and say NEVER WRITE ANYTHING AGAIN. Or – prior to his unleashing anything else on the world – ensure that the book is edited by a marine drill sergeant – the guy from Full Metal Jacket should do the trick. Let’s just all save ourselves a lot of time and effort and never speak of this again.”