Still Bleeding

still bleeding

Alex Connor is running away from death. After his wife’s suicide, he wanted nothing except oblivion. Only his friend Sarah kept him going. Now, she’s been murdered, and though the police have the killer, they don’t have her body. The gruesome search to find her will drag Alex back into the land of the living – and the dead.

Paul Kearney is a policeman. It’s his job to look death in the eye – however sinister a form it takes. But what happens when you look too closely? As he tracks a killer who’s taking women and slowly draining them of blood, Kearney gets drawn into a world of dark desires that people will go to great lengths to hide.

Wound together by their search, if they’re to save themselves and the people they love, Alex and Kearney will need to go to a place where normal rules don’t apply. A place where people trade murder memorabilia, and where your life is only the first thing you lose…


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“… a wonderfully twisty and tricksy story … It is the best yet I have seen from Steve Mosby, a writer who is growing in stature with each book that I read.”
(Pete Tennant, Black Static)

“… another top outing, confirming not only that he is on a great run but also that he is one of UK fiction’s most original writers.”
(Ben Hunt, Material Witness)

“Steve Mosby has been quietly producing some of the most exciting and dark-drenched serial killer novels of the decade.”
(Catholic Herald )

“A murky tale of voyeurism and greed and not for the faint-hearted.”
(Big Issue in the North )

“Shocking and gripping”
(Evening Telegraph)