The Cutting Crew

The Cutting Crew‘The small team of policemen never even identified the dead girl, and for the officers involved her murder came to symbolise everything that was wrong with the city: a haphazard sprawl of commerce and indifference. Four months on, that group is in disarray. Sean has disappeared into the city’s black heart and not returned, and Martin is separated from his job, his wife and his friends. But then a simple note from his ex-partner forces him to re-enter an investigation he’d rather forget. ‘I found her’, it says. His search leads him from one side of the city to the other, in a downward spiral of violence and pain, and drags him into the orbit of the things that are really wrong with the city: the eight brothers rumoured by legend to have control over everything. THE CUTTING CREW is an amazing piece of work. Part noir thriller, part surreal nightmare, it will grip readers of all genres. (from Amazon)


GraffitiAnyone who’s read The Cutting Crew will know that one of the characters is a graffiti artist (of a kind, anyway) and that two of the pieces he paints across the city feature heavily in the story. They’re actually based on real graffiti that I saw in Leeds around the time the ideas for the book were coming together. I really like stencilled graffiti – don’t know why, but it cheers me up. And these were intriguing, so I borrowed them and said thank you as best I could at the beginning of the book. But graffiti being what it is, it’s difficult to acknowledge properly the artist in question. This is where it came from, though:



“Steve Mosby has invented a suitably dark and uneasy world for his excellent noir thriller… Mosby has a pleasingly consistent style that manages to encompass intense emotion, intellectual musings and vicious violence. Not an easy task.”
(Matthew Lewin, The Guardian)

“The tale makes you turn pages at a rate of knots … a very visceral tale, dragging you into the excitement and occasional bursts of violence that pepper the story.”
(Duncan Hall, Peterborough Evening Telegraph)

“A genre-bender from Mosby, melding crime thriller and futuristic fantasy with real elan … Excellent, noir and nightmarish … completely believable and tangibly depicted. A stimulating, challenging and rewarding novel. ”
(Cath Staincliffe, Tangled Web)

“This is crime fiction at the cutting edge and extremities of the genre; grim, brooding but not without black humour and insight – it is very different. If you enjoyed Paul Johnston … or the world of Michael Marshall’s The Straw Men, then Mosby’s book is right up your alleyway but beware of some real viciousness – you have been warned.”
(Ali Karim, Shotsmag)