Cry for Help

cry for help“Help me,” the girl on the phone says. But she’s already dead. Following the recorded message he receives, Alison Wilcox’s ex-boyfriend finds her tied up in her flat, left to die slowly from dehydration. She’s the latest victim of a killer who picks on forgotten, isolated people, then taunts the families and friends who never cared enough to check on their loved ones.

Dave Lewis’s friend Rob has always warned him he needs to leave the past behind but, scarred by his brother’s death as a child, Dave has never been the kind of man to walk away from a friend in need. Years before, he made a promise to his ex-girlfriend, Tori, that he’d always be there for her, no matter what. When she’s beaten up by her current partner, the guilt he feels drives him to an action that will come back to haunt him. With his current relationship ruined and the police suspecting his involvement in a missing person enquiry, Dave finally appreciates the good sense in Rob’s advice.

Weeks later, he’s put Tori behind him; he’s rebuilding his life and beginning a new relationship. But moving on is harder than it sounds. When it appears that Tori has become the killer’s next victim, and the full extent of his plan becomes clear, Dave Lewis has some deadly choices to make. He’ll have to work out what’s important – and not only face up to his responsibilities to the past, but risk his present too. Because if he doesn’t the people he cares about might not have any future at all.


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“Steve Mosby has become one of a handful of writers who make me excited about crime fiction.”
(Val McDermid)

“…he writes like the very best American thriller writers – with great focus, excellent plot ideas and a real feeling for exposing violence and cruelty … descriptive passages that enthral and enlighten … Cancel all other engagements for the day.”
(Matthew Lewin, Guardian)

“Painfully realistic … imaginative and involving … poignant and moving.”
(Natasha Cooper, Times Literary Supplement)

“Exquisitely written, beautifully planned and skilfully drawn, Cry For Help is another Steve Mosby winner that can’t be recommended highly enough.”
(Chris High)

“There is always a fresh, original slant to Mosby’s writing. Excellent at capturing contemporary lifestyles and concerns, this is engaging story-telling delivered with panache and assurance.”
(Cath Staincliffe, Tangled Web)

“… it’s an efficient and imaginative book that doesn’t fit comfortably into any of the boxes – there’s a touch of the thriller, suspense and police procedural about it. For me, though, it lacks the wow factor, mainly due to the fact the characters don’t really leap off the page as fully-rounded creations … I ended up finding CRY FOR HELP an assured read with some scary moments that falls just short in the character stakes.”
(Sharon Wheeler, Reviewing the Evidence)

“…a certified Bloody Good Read … Lewis and Currie are also both strong characters, easy to like, much like Mosby’s work as a whole. Cry For Help is fast, efficient, fun, a little silly. Recommended.”
(Damien Seaman, Shots)

“…this is a real page-turner of a book that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. As with Mosby’s last book, this comes recommended. Mosby is definitely here to stay and a name to watch for the future.”
(Crime Squad)

Cry for Help has some valuable points to make about society’s direction, all wrapped up in a tense story, and I enjoyed the book very much, but I’m not quite sure if I believed in it.”
(Pete Tennant, Black Static)

“a good set-up that traps the reader to a gripping and violent climax … Cry for Help is a first rate thriller, compelling and thought-provoking.”
(Ben Hunt, Material Witness)