Interviews and Articles


NOVEMBER 2010: Best American Noir of the Century

Spinetingler Magazine had the great idea of reviewing this anthology story by story, with a different author reviewing each title. They were kind enough to ask me to take part, and my contribution – a review of Ed Gorman’s story – is available to read here.

SEPTEMBER 2010: Paul D Brazill

Paul was good enough to interview me as part of his ‘Hit the North!’ series. You can see the results here.

AUGUST 2010: Musings of an All-Purpose Monkey

The wonderful Elizabeth A White was kind enough to devote an entire week to me on her blog. As well as an introduction to me, there have been enormously kind and flattering reviews of all my books, and finally, today, a guest blog* by yours truly. Here are the links to everything that’s there:

Introduction: click here

Mini-reviews of The Third Person, Cry for Help and The Cutting Crew: click here

Review of Still Bleeding: click here

Review of The 50/50 Killer: click here

“The worst thing in the world”, guest-blog by me: click here

Phew! Again, thank you Elizabeth. The site as a whole is well-worth checking out, and Elizabeth is also an ace twitterer who goes by the name of @APMonkey.

AUGUST 2010: Un:Bound

I did an interview with Un:Bound. I say ‘interview’, because it was basically just me and Sean Cregan / John Rickards, both slightly pissed, chatting with the wonderful Adele who runs the site. Anyway, it was great fun to do, nice and relaxed – and a pleasure to be featured. You can read the interview here, listen here, and just check out the site in general here.

SPRING 2010: One in Four

There’s an interview with me in the Spring 2010 issue of One in Four magazine. Huge thanks to Laurie Penny for translating whatever it was I rambled down the phone at her.

FEBRUARY 2010: Crimeculture

At the excellent Crimeculture website, Kate and Lee Horsley have written a really fantastic review piece, comparing Still Bleeding and Sean Cregan’s The Levels. In addition, I interview him here, and he interviews me right back here. As he mentions on his website, the interviews were extracted from a three-hour IM chat session, in which we wrote back-and-forth and bullshitted about 8000 words – no mean feat. Hopefully they turned out okay, and a massive thanks go out to Kate and Lee, both for the wonderfully-written comparison piece, and for having us over there in general. It’s a cool website, by the way; if you’re interested in crime fiction, I think you’re going to want to bookmark it.



NOVEMBER 2009: You Have The Right To Six Words

Jen Forbus kindly invited me to take part in her staggeringly good series of six word memoirs. You can read mine here.

OCTOBER 2009: James Nash Podcast

I recorded an audio interview with James Nash, a Yorkshire-based poet and author, for his monthly podcast series. Mine is available here, but all of them are well worth a look.

JULY 2009: Outloud

I recorded an audio interview with Sarah Walters, for the Yorkshire Post’s OutLoud series. You can listen to it here. And while you’re there, you might want to check out some of the other interviews that are available on the site, as it’s a really good selection. Big thanks to Sarah for taking the time to talk to me, and for making it all so easy.

JUNE 2009: Black Static

I was – in a pinch-yourself moment – the featured author in Black Static #11. To accompany the magazine interview, Pete Tennant asked me some either/or questions for the website. Which you can read here.

MAY 2009: CrimeFest

You can now download recordings of selected panels from CrimeFest 2009. One of mine is available. See here for the full set.



DECEMBER 2008: Bookspotcentral

I contributed to a ‘best of 2008’ list over at Bookspotcentral. You can read the whole article here.

OCTOBER 2008: Bookspotcentral

For Halloween, I contributed to this piece over at Bookspotcentral, talking about my favourite scary story.

AUGUST 2008: Shotsmag

An interview that Damien Seaman conducted with me is available to read here. It’s mainly about Cry for Help, but was a lot of fun to do.

JUNE 2008: The real ending of The 50/50 Killer

Brian Lindenmuth wrote a fabulous post-mortem on the ending of my third book, The 50/50 Killer, in which he argues for a different reading than the more ‘obvious’ one within the text. You can read his piece here, and my thoughts here.

JUNE 2008: Spinetingler

My short story ‘Fruits’ appears in the Summer 2008 issue of the excellent Spinetingler Magazine.

JUNE 2008: Nickie Fleming

Nickie Fleming very nicely asked me a few questions as part of the series of author interviews she hosts on her site. An impressive series it is too.

MAY 2008: In For Questioning

Angie was kind enough to ask me to take part in the In For Questioning podcast series. The interview is here. It’s mainly about 50/50 and serial killers and so on.

MAY 2008: DoGoSee

As part of Ben and Megan’s DoGoSee project, I spoke with them about the influence that Leeds has had on my writing, and the audio of that is up on their site here.

FEBRUARY 2008: I’m a LIAR!

Well, maybe. Judge for yourselves right here.

FEBRUARY 2008: Various Italian Interviews

I did some publicity work in Italy last year, and managed to catch these interviews online. If I’ve missed any, feel free to give me a shout and point me in the right direction.

JANUARY 2008: Crime Always Pays

Declan Burke was kind enough to ask me to be part of his “Ya wanna do it here or down the station, punk?” series at his excellent blog, Crime Always Pays. You can read the results here.



NOVEMBER 2007: Books for Christmas

Crimeficreader, of the wonderful It’s a Crime! blog, very kindly asked me to contribute to the “Books for Christmas” series the blog is hosting. My choice is online here.

AUGUST 2007: Crimespree Magazine

I wrote an article called ‘I will’, mostly about The 50/50 Killer for Issue 19 of Crimespree Magazine.

AUGUST 2007: Writer’s Choice

Norman Geras very kindly asked me to do a piece for his Writer’s Choice series, and I picked The Girl Next Door by Jack Ketchum. You can read my thoughts on it here, where you’ll also find links to all the other articles on the site.

SUMMER 2007: Brightcove Media

I did a brief interview with Nina Sebastiane about The 50/50 Killer. It’s my one and only ‘film’ experience so far, and I found it odd, but fun enough to do. I fucking hate looking at myself. Listening to myself too. But there you go. This clip is also a good example of how a small green cupboard filled with cables can be made to look like the This Morning studio. Modern technology, eh?

SUMMER 2007: Spinetingler Magazine

The heroic Sandra Ruttan conducted a lengthy interview with me for her excellent Spinetingler magazine. You can read it here.

JUNE 2007: Page 69 Test

Marshal Zeringue was kind enough to ask me to subject The 50/50 Killer to the Page 69 test. You can read the result here, and see a complete list of the other books in the series here.

APRIL 2007: Ten Questions with Material Witness

Ben Hunt, who runs this great site, sent me ten questions by email, and the answers are now there for all to read. So if you’ve ever wondered about my snack of choice while writing … well, you’ll have to visit Material Witness and find out.



SEPTEMBER 2005: Leeds University Reporter

Well, I worked for them so it was inevitable that the Uni Press Office would pick up on something eventually. Short piece, this, and mostly based on the YEP article, but pretty good nonetheless. Only bad side is the photo. And no offence is intended to the photographer(s) that came and stuck the light under my chin in spooky-Halloween-style fashion – it’s just that I’m not photogenic. At all. But this is typical. My Mekon head is curled like a fucking peanut in this picture, for god’s sake, and just look at that stupid smirk. In reality I don’t look like this at all, I promise.

JULY 2005: Yorkshire Evening Post

Good double page spread in the YEP on 12 July 2005, complete with photo, to coincide with The Cutting Crew hitting the shops.



DECEMBER 2003: Shots

This was a brief interview conducted at Orion’s New Blood Launch, which The Third Person was part of. From what I can remember, I was paralytic… Click here to read it.