i know who did it

The hardest crimes to acknowledge are your own…

Charlie Matheson died two years ago in a car accident. So how is a woman bearing a startling resemblance to her claiming to be back from the dead? Detective Mark Nelson is called in to investigate and hear her terrifying account of what she’s been through in the afterlife.

Every year Detective David Groves receives a birthday card for his son…even though he buried him years ago. His son’s murder took everything from him, apart from his belief in the law, even though the killers were never found. This year, though, the card bears a different message: I know who did it.

Uncovering the facts will lead them all on a dark journey, where they must face their own wrongs as well as those done to those they love. It will take them to a place where justice is a game, and punishments are severe. Nelson and Groves know the answers lie with the kind of people you want to turn and run from. But if they’re to get to the truth, first they’ll have to go through hell…


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“Strange and powerful, this is Mosby’s best.”
(Marcel Berlins, The Times)

“Mosby has become renowned for thrillers that reach into dark places where most British crime writers are afraid to go, while the low-key lyricism of his style makes his books moving as well as terrifying.”
(Jake Kerridge, Express)

“Meaty issues, violence, and a well realised blend of police procedural and psychological thriller. Highly recommended, and quite deservedly my book of the month.”
(Raven Crime Reads)

“Those who know their crime fiction have long been aware that Steve Mosby is one of the most idiosyncratic and ambitious of current UK practitioners, and this new book is well up to his customarily impressive standard.”
(Barry Forshaw, Crime Time)

“If you don’t mind a touch of wild gothic in your police procedurals, you’ll find this one highly entertaining. And, as ever with Mosby, it’s stylishly written.”
(Mat Coward, Morning Star)

“It is without doubt one of the top crime novels of the year for me so far. Possibly even one of the top novels in any genre … And if that’s not enough to get you reading, there is also a completely jaw dropping moment that had me throwing the kindle aside and letting out a yell … I Know Who Did It is an emotionally resonant, multi-layered crime drama with some characters so full of depth and reality that they pop off the page and one that will stay with me for a long long time.”
(Liz Loves Books)

“And now for something completely different …. and that’s exactly what you get with Steve Mosby’s sequel to The 50/50 Killer … it’s a totally unique read, there’s a moment where everything you thought you were reading suddenly gets turned on its head, I’ve read it twice now and it was just as good the second time with hindsight.? If you like something that’s just that little bit different from your average crime novel this is the book for you. I’m off to read it again.”
(Angela Oatham)

“I have used the words ‘strange’ and ‘slipstream’ when reviewing his work. I now think that I need to add another word to my vocabulary: I Know Who Did It is his cleverest to date.”

“A gripping seventh novel from the talented Mosby whose reputation has been growing steadily … Neat storytelling, coupled with Mosby’s sure touch for characters that demand our sympathy, help make this one of those crime novels that linger in the mind long after the final page.”
(Geoffrey Wansell, Daily Mail)

“Mosby’s writing speaks to the human condition with sophistication, subtlety and insight … I highly recommend I Know Who Did It. It crackles with menace, there’s plenty at stake, and the plot is unlike any other I have read. I seriously challenge you to guess its resolution! I think Mosby is one of the best male crime writers around.”
(Vicky Newham)

“I can’t believe how great this novel is … this really stands out amongst the crowd as an excellent, fast-paced novel that keeps you guessing until the end … It is more complex, more exciting and more clever than many crime novels I’ve read … Though its storyline is, at times, quite dark and disturbing, it’s certainly an enjoyable and intriguing read that I’ll be strongly recommending to any crime lovers.”
(Snazzy Books)

“Mosby possesses a terrific writing style and along with a strong narrative and unforgettable characters, some not so nice as others, it won’t take you long to work your way through this book.”
(Milo’s Rambles)