Crimefest 2009 panels available as mp3s

Posted by on September 4th, 2009

No further explanation required, surely? But basically you can now download recordings of selected panels from CrimeFest 2009, held at Bristol back in May. One of mine is available. See here for more.

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3 Responses to “Crimefest 2009 panels available as mp3s”

  1. claire seeber Says:


  2. Kevin Wignall Says:

    With some relief, I note that my panel wasn’t recorded. But the thought of them being recorded and offered as MP3s (were we told about that beforehand?) freaks me out enough that I’ll probably never do a panel at Crimefest again.

  3. Keith B Walters Says:

    Claire – why Urk! – I thought it sounded okay – and I was pleased to be able to catch up on some of the events I missed at the event.

    Kevin – glad I caught your panel ‘live’ then, if it wasn’t recorded. What’s for next year? – Simultaneous transmission on YouTube ? Oh, and cheers for the heads up on Steve’s books (especially The 50/50 Killer) – lovin’ them.

    Steve – cheers for the links, I can catch up on some I missed. Loving the novels, have read them all one straight after the other after Crimefest, just got ‘Still Bleeding’ on the reading pile to go now. Hope to catch you for a signature at Guildford next month.

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