Posted by on January 4th, 2016

In the weeks before Christmas, this site about me finally went live.

I say finally because the web address was bought some time ago, but the site itself has only just been populated. It’s a site dedicated to exposing my bad language on Twitter, and encouraging people not to buy my books on that basis. I am “a vile and unpleasant little man”, apparently. To which I can only say: look – vile and unpleasant I may well be but, at six foot three and over fifteen stone, you’ll forgive me for taking umbrage at that “little”.

But no, seriously, I swear a bit on social media (although not nearly as much as that site implies; it’s all been culled – amazingly; almost psychotically flatteringly – from tweets going back to 2009), and I make no apologies for my language. Picture me shrugging right now – it’s a fucking enormous shrug, trust me. I swear. You swear. He, she or it swears.

Anyway. It’s reasonably clear that bestselling author, ebook superstar and fellow Hachette author Stephen Leather is responsible for this website. I won’t say how I know that; I’ll save all the screenshotted internet incompetence for later potential laughs. But I’m amused that, following his vague baseball bat threat last May, he promised to ignore me (as I then did him) and yet, clearly, he can’t. I’m also amused that he still doesn’t have the courage to attach his name to his activities. How pathetic. Three and a half fucking years ago, it was revealed how he cyberbullied a writer named Steve Roach into submission. Three and a half fucking years later, he’s still imagining the same tactics will work on me. They won’t. When I saw the obsessive content of the site, I laughed. When it was briefly replaced by an advert for acne cream, I laughed even harder.

It was actually a wonderful Christmas present. I’m looking forward to a lot more laughter in 2016.

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5 Responses to “fuckstevemosby.com”

  1. Mike Cane Says:

    Ah, you’re a bleedin amateur in the Twitter swearing department.

    Happy 2016.

  2. Jem Says:

    Hi Steve, I’ve been following the endless story of Stephen Leather for some time with increasing awe and disbelief. In your post you say – ‘A psychologist I am not’, but I am, so I would like to offer my opinion. I am 99% certain that Mr Leather is a sociopath, or possibly a psychopath. All the telltale signs are there including an absolutely childish way of responding to every argument. Other traits are grandiosity, failure to acknowledge responsibility etc etc. The only thing to say about these people is that you can not, will never win! Even if the man were to be jailed for some breach of the law, he would still feel himself to be a misunderstood genius. I do applaud you for exposing his antics but I worry about where this will go – sociopaths never move on, forget or forgive.

  3. jon parker Says:

    Just tried to follow the link to this site – and it takes to me nothing more than a blank page. Does this mean that the site’s been taken down?

  4. stevemosby Says:

    Yes – it was taken offline a few days ago.

  5. stevemosby Says:

    For what it’s worth, here’s a screenshot of when he changed it to an acne ad (that’s not an actual clickable advert, just an image he posted): http://www.theleftroom.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/acne.png

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