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Posted by on December 31st, 2012

Stephen Leather seems to have found a second wind on twitter recently. His latest hobbies include steadily following everyone I do – resulting in a fair few creeped out people – and searching back through his detractors’ twitter feeds for anything ‘incriminating’, like swearing, then taking screenshots and posting passive-aggressive tut-tut tweets. He also enjoys being nasty about my wife, and he thinks twitter is, like, a total waste of time.

Here, then, to celebrate the end of 2012, we present an incomplete collection of his wit and wisdom. See you in 2013.


Stephen Leather on the subject of…


Steve 8

Steve 7

Steve 6

Steve 5

Steve 4

Steve 3

Steve 2

Steve 1


…my wife:

Tick Tock 4

Tick Tock 3

Tick Tock 2

Tick Tock 1


…Sarah Pinborough:

Sarah 4

Sarah 3

Sarah 2

Sarah 1


…character names:

Murder 2

Murder 1


…Jeremy Duns:

Jeremy 19

Jeremy 18

Jeremy 17

Jeremy 16

Jeremy 15

Jeremy 14

Jeremy 13

Jeremy 12

Jeremy 11

Jeremy 10

Jeremy 9

Jeremy 8

Jeremy 7

Jeremy 6

Jeremy 5

Jeremy 4

Jeremy 3

Jeremy 2

Jeremy 1


…Martyn Waites:

Martyn 3

Martyn 2

Martyn 1



Random 1

Max 1

Random 2

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6 Responses to “stephen leather on the subject of…”

  1. Ramsey Campbell Says:

    I can see at least one twit (is that the word for his communications?) that he could usefully apply to himself.

  2. stevemosby Says:

    Ramsey – oh, at least one.

  3. patrick graham Says:

    I think we can venture into the bolder realms of polite criticism and declare that the man is a most hypocritical and creepy sociopath who induces disgust and nausea in equal measure in all who are stalked by him.

  4. claire seeber Says:

    Wow!! This stuff is unbelievable & so vitriolic. Never mind: what goes around, comes around (payback is a bitch).
    And so HE’s the Unknown Writer? He just started following me….which makes sense now!

  5. stevemosby Says:

    Claire – yes, sorry about that. He doesn’t really “follow” people, because if you follow 16,000 people on Twitter your timeline isn’t worth looking at. I really don’t know why he did it. Presumably it was meant to unsettle people, and it did a few to an extent, but it’s basically just the slightly pathetic online flailing of a very strange man.

  6. Julian Fuck Says:

    Looks like a genuinely nasty piece of work from here. O wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us
    to see oursels as ithers see us!

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