Sample chapters of Black Flowers

Posted by on March 5th, 2011

Well, the proofs are all done and dusted, and I’m well into the first draft of Book 7 (more on which to follow before too long), so Black Flowers is on course to be released onto the world this April. As always happens at this point, I have mixed feelings about it. Put simply, I’m still so close to the material that all I see are the flaws and mis-steps, but I have to let go at some point and just trust that, right now, I’m the least best person to judge the book.

With that in mind, here’s a reminder you can read the prologue here. That’s a link to the Amazon page, with the link for sample material a little way down on the left.

It’s also possible to read the first two chapters after that here. That’s a pdf link at a site that seems to be some kind of People’s Prize thing. I genuinely have no idea what it is, and a cursory glance around doesn’t reveal Black Flowers as available to vote for. If it is, and you want to, then fine. But in the meantime, if nothing else, you can at least sample the beginning of the book for free and decide if it’s for you. I hope it is.

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2 Responses to “Sample chapters of Black Flowers”

  1. JKTrowling Says:

    I can’t wait to read it. I am soooooo excited.


    Anyway… have you re-read any of your older books recently? And if so, did you like them any better than when you were slogging through them for the thousandth time, worrying about things.

  2. stevemosby Says:

    Ah, I’d never sit and re-read one of my books, not from start to finish. What’s the point? I’ve got a tbr pile that needs my attention. But maybe in ten years or so.

    That said, occasionally I do pick them up and flick through, reading bits at random and finding bits I like. I’m not going to disparage anything, as people like them all to varying degrees, but I look at Still Bleeding and 50/50 Killer now, and I’m especially proud of them. Cry for Help, too – with both that and Still Bleeding I was trying to do something different, in terms of subject or structure, and there’s some success there.

    It’s just massively difficult to lose yourself in the story, so it’s hard to evaluate them as a reading experience as opposed to a technical one. Generally, the most I get is to appreciate a bit of prose.

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