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you can run – reviews and interviews

Posted by on June 16th, 2017

So – it’s been a while since I added a post here, which I apologise for. But then, as noted previously, I decided to use this space more for general news and updates and less for what I used to. With regard to the latter, I tend to chat and argue more on Twitter and Facebook these days, and if you want to add me for those purposes then the links are above. Everybody is welcome.

In the meantime, my latest book – You Can Run – came out in April in ebook and trade paperback, with a normal paperback to follow in August. I figured it was about time to collect some of the reviews and interviews together. So here we go.


NJ Cooper reviewed the book at BookOxygen here:

“The first chapter of Steve Mosby’s You Can Run opens with a heart-sinking scene of a kidnapped woman in pain and terror, but this is no tick-box serial-killer thriller … The ultimate revelations are as much about the nature of love, friendship and hate as about police procedure and serial killing.”

LizLovesBooks reviewed the book here:

“A genuinely top notch, cleverly and beautifully written crime novel with a huge heart … Highly Recommended.”

Ben Hunt at Material Witness reviewed the book here:

“The plot is detailed, rich and intricate taking an unpredictable path through many damaged lives … You Can Run is a dark, haunting read that you won’t [want] to put down. Especially at 2am.”

For Winter’s Nights reviewed the book here:

“Steve Mosby is a master of darkly twisted crime thrillers and he’s done it again with You Can Run.”

The Crime Warp reviewed the book here:

You Can Run is a triumph in the creepy serial killer, edge of your seat  sort of read … The writing is beautifully haunting, almost poetic, and chilling in equal measure.”

Chris High had this to say:

“Steve Mosby’s latest outing You Can Run is – not to put too fine a point on it – sensational … Fabulously deft, ridiculously well executed and a novel to read in one hit if ever there is one, [it] is an absolute winner in every respect.”

Anne Bonny Book Reviews reviewed the book here:

“His best yet! … spine-chilling reading.”


I’ve been lucky enough to be asked some interesting questions about the book by a few different people. For one, you’ll find a Q&A with me below the review from Anne Bonny Books above.  In addition, The Crime Warp was kind enough to interrogate me here. And Chris High also had some things to ask me here.

As always, I really appreciate everybody who took the time to read the book, review the book, ask me questions about it, or just comment on it in general.

Thank you all very much indeed.