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Posted by on June 28th, 2014

I did a talk at the Gedling book festival last week about ideas and where they come from. I really enjoyed the event, but my talk was a bit painful: I had a bad cough, and found it hard to get a decent lungful of breath, so my voice was all over the place and I had to keep glugging water to be able to speak. Nevertheless, here’s some video from the event:

By the way, the story towards the beginning about Download Festival is true. At the event itself, I explained what had really happened, but it’s been edited out of the video. Which is fine. The mundane explanation isn’t as interesting as just leaving it hanging.

Quick update

Posted by on June 19th, 2014

As of today, The Nightmare Place is officially out into the wild! Hooray! I’m still at the stage where I’m not sure what I think about the book, but that’s fairly normal for me at this point – and of course, my opinion on it doesn’t matter so much anymore. There are a couple of early-ish reviews here and here. Both are positive, which is a relief. I’ll post more as and when. I’m so incredibly rubbish that I haven’t even updated the Dark Room page with review quotes yet; I really must get onto this.

In the meantime, here is a piece I wrote for the Guardian about using real-life crime as the basis for fiction. And here is another piece I wrote about the ideas behind The Nightmare Place. Here is me looking a bit annoyed (I wasn’t) at a recent event, which went really well. I’m doing another one tomorrow near Nottingham, and then obviously there’s Harrogate to look forward to in only – eek – a few weeks now.

All that aside, I’m also writing. If everything goes according to plan – and why wouldn’t it? when does anything not? – then a sequel to The 50/50 Killer should be coming out some time next year…