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Posted by on February 10th, 2012

“If the police decide to attack a group of protesters, they will claim to have been provoked, and the media will repeat whatever the police say, no matter how implausible, as the basic initial facts of what happened. This will happen whether or not anyone at the protest does anything that can be remotely described as violence … Therefore we can expect that whatever we do, the media will dutifully report “protesters engaged in clashes with police” rather than “police attacked non-violent protesters.” What’s more, when someone does throw back a tear-gas canister, or toss a bottle, or even spray-paint something, we can assume that act will be employed as retroactive justification for whatever police violence occurred before the act took place.

All this will be true whether or not a Black Bloc is present.”

Whatever your position on the issue, this is a thoughtful and considered response to Chris Hedges’s comments on the ‘cancer’ in Occupy, and speaks more widely to protest in general.


Sooooo. Last month, as I mentioned, I did some recording for the German edition of Black Flowers. And the result is now available online, so I’m embedding it below. It’s really nice, actually – the parts that don’t feature me certainly are, anyway – and, aside from the cheesy voiceover man bit at the beginning, it’s probably not as embarrassing as it could have been.

All else aside, it’s obviously great that Droemer wanted to do this, and I massively appreciate it. Thanks also to the Sociology and Social Policy department at the University of Leeds and The Packhorse (the Briggate one) for permission to film there.