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Huge thanks to Elizabeth for hosting ‘Steve Mosby Week’ over at Musings of An All Purpose Monkey. As well as an introduction to me, there have been enormously kind and flattering reviews of all my books, and finally, today, a guest blog* by yours truly. Here are the links to everything that’s there:

Introduction: click here

Mini-reviews of The Third Person, Cry for Help and The Cutting Crew: click here

Review of Still Bleeding: click here

Review of The 50/50 Killer: click here

“The worst thing in the world”, guest-blog by me: click here

Phew! Again, thank you Elizabeth. The site as a whole is well-worth checking out, and Elizabeth is also an ace twitterer who goes by the name of @APMonkey.

* And if you’re thinking that a guest-blog by me somewhere else is a little perverse, given how rarely I update this place, then I’m sure I’ve only confirmed what you already suspected…

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Posted by on August 2nd, 2010

Dashing quickly in to flag up some me-related stuff that’s new to the world.

First off, I went to the Theakstons Harrogate Crime Festival a couple of weeks back and had an excellent time. I was on a panel, and everything, and felt very much like a grown up. As well as catching up with people, I also did an interview with Un:Bound. I say ‘interview’, because it was basically just me and Sean Cregan / John Rickards, both slightly pissed, chatting with the wonderful Adele who runs the site. Anyway, it was great fun to do, nice and relaxed – and a pleasure to be featured. You can read the interview here, listen here, and just check out the site in general here.

And if that wasn’t enough me-related goodness, you can practically overdose at Musings of an All Purpose Monkey, where Elizabeth has very kindly dedicated a whole week to me, starting with an intro today. I literally have nothing else to say about this, as it’s so obviously, unbelievably awesome. Huge thanks to Elizabeth for doing it, and – as with Un:Bound – check out the rest of the site while you’re over.

Which reminds me – I really need to give the links column on the right an overhaul…